Bike assessments from Shoreham specialists

Here at Louis Jones we offer a service specifically targeting injured cyclists. We are not a traditional bike fitting service, like the kind you would expect to receive at a bike store. We are interested in the root cause of your injury, and how you and your bike synchronise.

What can you expect from this service?

As qualified therapists, we have a greater understanding of anatomy and function, so not only can we identify problems with your posture or certain structures in your body, but we are trained to resolve these issues through manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. We can adapt your current bike, to you, making for the most comfortable position possible, whether you’re a seasoned racer, a weekend warrior, or just a casual commuter.

How our cycle assessment can help you

It is our main focus to adapt your bike for an enjoyable, comfortable ride. It is a byproduct of our service, that you will see improvements in your riding performance due to the improvement in efficiency. When you buy a bike from new, at a store, hopefully part of the service you pay for includes advice on the correct size frame, saddle and bars for your body. However, a lot of people will buy second hand bikes, often online or from cyclists who are upgrading. You don’t always know what you’re buying or whether the bike is right for you until you actually ride it. This is where we come in to help you. Our therapists can drastically improve your position on your bike, and most importantly, will not require you to spend money adapting your bike. We aim to save you money, by manipulating and tweaking your current bike, without the need to buy expensive parts.

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