Stand Up Paddleboarding

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14th July 2017
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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boarding on a quiet sea with warm summer sunset colors, close-up of legs

Benefits of Paddle Boarding


This month we will be looking at a relatively new sport that has taken off in Shoreham and the local surrounding area, Paddle Boarding or Stand Up Paddling (SUP). SUP has many amazing health benefits, and is relatively easy to do.


What is SUP?

Stand Up Paddling originated in Hawaii, as an alternative to surfing. It is an outdoor activity, whereby you stand on a large surf like board, and propel yourself along the surface of the water using a paddle.


What are the Health Benefits of SUP?

Improves Balance: SUP requires you to stand up on a board, which requires good core stability and leg strength in order to maintain balance. Therefore this is a great form of exercise for people who suffer with lower back issues, as a way to strength.


Low Impact: SUP is a very low impact exercise, making it great for reducing stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. This can be really beneficial for runners, who suffer from shins splints or joint pain.


Full Body Workout: Due the nature of SUP and the position you are in, it’s a great way to strengthen the whole body, in a gentle manner.


Rehabilitation of Injuries: As this is a low impact activity, and a who body strengthening exercise, it is great for injured sportspeople, whilst developing core strength, which plays and important role in recovery.


Promotes good posture: Developing good core strength and balance can also have a positive impact on posture, which can reduce the risk of us suffering with lower back and neck injuries. By developing good posture, it can also help with rehabilitation of injuries, because we are more likely to perform activities with better form or technique.


Improves Cardiovascular Fitness: If you’ve ever tried SUP, you will realize how well it works your heart and lungs, which is fantastic for staying healthy and developing fitness levels.



If you would like to discuss any of the points made in this article or if you would like advice on what other good forms of exercise there are for developing good core strength and fitness, then please feel free to get in touch by phone on 01273 467614 or email me at