Exercise Prescription

Here at Louis Jones Physiotherapy, one very important aspect of helping our clients to overcome injuries and rehabilitate to full health, is to prescribe exercises that focuses on important key areas, such as mobility, stability and strength.

Once we have diagnosed your issue, and formed a treatment plan, we will need to address mobility, stability and strength to assist your recovery towards full function so that you can get back to normality as soon as possible, and more importantly avoid any further occurrences or your problem ion future.

Pain is one area that is important to help get rid of, but without exercise prescription, there may be a risk of reinjuring an area or it may slow your recovery rate down.

Gone are the days of being told to rest and take painkillers. All the latest research is pointing towards exercise to assist recovery and to prevent further stiffness and weakness from developing.

We can help you if you are waiting for surgery or post surgery. In both these cases, it is critical to intervene early so that you can restore normal range of movement, and strength back so that you can achieve full recovery.

We work with a number of orthopedic specialists and consultants in the Sussex area, so if for any reason we cannot help treat your injury through conservative means, we will be able to refer you quickly and painlessly to the right person. After the investigations, we work together with the consultants to help you maximise your recovery through an exercise program.

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