What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is an umbrella term used to describe different modalities, which use electrical energy as a therapeutic treatment. At Louis Jones Physiotherapy we use 3 types of electrotherapy, Ultrasound and Interferential and TENS.
It has been shown through various studies, that using electrotherapy can speed up soft tissue healing and reduce pain.


Ultrasound falls into electrotherapy, but uses mechanical energy to vibrate soft tissue, which in turn increases blood flow, soft tissue relaxation and scar tissue breakdown.
It is very beneficial for treating tendon injuries as well as superficial muscle strains or tears. If you have an injury related to a tendon or muscle strain, then ultrasound can be great for speeding up your recovery. It can also be used to assist with mobilizing or moving swelling around a joint.

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Interferential and TENS

The effects of these therapies is to use low frequency electrical impulses to target nerves that carry pain signals, in order to reduce pain. It can be very useful in patients that suffer with sciatica, lower back pain or joint pain. Due to some machines being portable, they are very convenient for using on the move, for example, they can be very popular with active people or sports people such as golfers, who want pain relief.

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