Deep tissue massage

Here at Louis Jones Physiotherapy, one of our treatment services we offer is deep tissue or sports massage. The benefits of massage are:

Reduce chronic pain

Deep tissue massage can reduce chronic pain by mobilizing stiff joints and tissues, that are responsible for a condition becoming chronic. Chronic pain is termed as pain that we have for over 1 month, whereby the body can sometimes fall into a pattern of familiarity. Deep tissue massage can stimulate cells in the tissues to get going again, kick-starting the healing process.

Improve circulation

The action of massaging tissues, increases circulation to the area, helping to increase oxygen in the blood, which in turn improves tissue repair and optimal muscle function.

Improve blood pressure

Deep tissue massage can relieve tension in the body, which can lead to a reduction in blood pressure in people who suffer with high blood pressure.

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Breaking down scar tissue

When you tear or damage a muscle or tendon, the body’s natural healing response is to lay down new fibres, which unless rehabilitated properly through exercises and stretching, will not always form correctly, leading to formation of scar tissue. Deep tissue massage is a fantastic way to break down scar tissue, and allow your injury to heal more quickly and make a stronger repair.

Rehabilitate injured muscles

Deep tissue massage can help speed up recovery of injured muscles for the examples given above, allowing better circulation, increased oxygen to muscles, and a reduction in scar tissue.

Relieve stress

We hold a lot of tension in our muscles, due to stress, and the more tense and tight we get the more we tend to suffer with pain and the more that can contribute to our stress. Deep tissue massage can massively contribute to reducing muscle tension, which has a huge impact on reducing stress.

Prevent injury

The best thing about deep tissue massage, is that it can help you to prevent or avoid injury, by making sure that your muscles can function optimally by ensuring better blood flow, less scar tissue formation, and more pliable, flexible muscles.