What is Accupuncture?

Acupuncture was developed as an ancient Chinese medicine dating back to over 10,000 years ago. It uses extremely fine needles to pierce the skin and stimulate points on the body, which the Chinese considered to be meridian points, to help treat disease and reduce pain.

Through his private practice in the heart of Shoreham, Louis treats sporting injuries and provides effective pain relief through both targeted physiotherapy and acupuncture. His vision is to expand into a holistic practice that encompasses all aspects of health, to inspire change and promote better living.

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What do we use it for?

Primarily, at Louis Jones Physiotherapy, we use Acupuncture with the principle goal of reducing pain in the body. We can do this through various different techniques. One way is to use Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCA), which targets meridians to help clear stagnant energy in the body. In Western medicine, acupuncture has been shown on MRI scans of the central nervous system, to stimulate areas of the brain responsible for dealing with pain.

An alternative way in which we use acupuncture is known as dry needling or trigger point acupuncture. This technique works by releasing tension in overactive muscles, which can be responsible for triggering or referring pain from one area to another. There are hundreds of trigger points in the human body. Every trigger point is unique, and refers to a very specific pattern of pain, which can be identified by an experienced professional.

These techniques can be very useful for treating chronic conditions such as Osteoarthritis or for Sciatica or headaches.

Is Accupuncture right for you?

There are times when acupuncture may be very beneficial to your problem. A full assessment, looking at your general health, current condition and any contraindications, will determine whether acupuncture is a suitable treatment for you. There will be times when acupuncture is not suitable, for example a fear of needles, or any allergies to metal.

How can Accupuncture help you?

There are various conditions that acupuncture can help you for. Some of these are: • Tension headaches – Can reduce or clear headaches associated with bad posture. • Sciatica – Can switch off referred pain felt down the back of the leg. • Osteoarthritis – Can reduce swelling and associated pain. • Joint pain – Can reduce pain through activating pain centres in the brain. • Frozen shoulder – Can help improve range of movement. • Achilles tendonitis – Can help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. • Soft tissue injuries – Can improve soft tissue elasticity.

Will it be painful?

An achy sensation should be felt, in order for you to have a successful outcome with acupuncture. In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, this achy feeling, known as “De Qi”, is said to be stagnant energy being stimulated so that healing can take place. In Western medicine, this achy sensation is attributed to the body’s natural healing process.